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Vegeria Vegan Restaurant Menu


2.75 Cranberry Limeade
2.00 Trop Strawberry Ice Tea 
2.00 Iced Tea
2.00 French Press Hot Tea 
3.00 Mexican Coke 
2.50 French Press Organic Coffee 
2.75 IZZE Soda
1.75 Topo Chico
3.00 Coconut Water
1.50 Organic Honest Kid Juice
4.50 Bubble Tea

Smoothies 5.00

Peanut butter Cup 
Chocolaty Peanut Buttery Goodness

Orange Dreamsicle
Orange, Banana, & Vanilla

Swamp Goddess
Banana, Oranges & Spinach

Sun Kissed
Mango & Raspberry

A la carte Items
Side of Queso 4.00 
Side of Pepper Jack 4.00

Avocado Slices 3.00
Grilled Portabella 5.00
Side of Guacamole 3.00 
Main Side 2.75 

Main Sides

Corn Chips Corn Salad

Farm Fresh Salad Poblano Brown Rice

Coconut Cilantro Rice Smokey Refried Black Beans

Ginger Kale Salad

Kids Menu

5.50 PB&J Plate w/ chips

5.50 Bean & Cheese Chalupa Plate w/ rice and beans

5.50 Bean & Cheese Taco Plate w/ rice and beans

5.50 Cheese Quesadilla w/ rice and beans


10.00 Vegan Nachos- A mountain of tortilla chips, piled high with vegan queso, vegan taco filling, pico de gallo, and guacamole. Drizzled with our homemade Avocado Ranch!
Half Nacho $7.00

12.50 Super Human Nachos- Loaded with protein and probiotics, these nachos will leave you feeling super human. Piled high with our house made tortilla chips, refried black beans, quinoa, brown poblano rice, hemp hearts, pepper jack cheese, and veggie kraut.

5.50 Chips and Queso

4.50 Salsa and Cucumber Chips

Main Entrees

Includes two side orders

8.50 Rosalie’s Daily Special- Select chef made special served Mon-Fri until we run out! Call the restaurant to find out today’s special.

10.00   Potato, Corn, and Poblano Flautas- Three taquitos fried with coconut oil and stuffed with potato, corn and poblano peppers.

10.00  Sun Dried Tomato and Sweet Potato Enchiladas topped with Cashew Cream- Three enchiladas stuffed with a mixed of sun dried tomatoes and sweet potatoes, covered with our homemade red cashew cream cheese and vegan shredded cheese

8.50  Vegetable Enchiladas- Three enchiladas stuffed with potato, corn and poblano peppers, topped with our homemade enchilada sauce and vegan cheese.

12.00  Organic Homemade Tamales- A plate of two tamales and two sides. Flavors vary by day. Call the restaurant to find the current flavors.

*Special orders welcomed and sold by two dozen increments.

48 hour notice needed for all special orders.

9.00 Smoked Mushroom Tacos- Two tacos on corn tortillas stuffed with smoked mushrooms, sautéed onions, peppers, lettuce, and tomato.

7.50    Veggie Chalupa Plate- Two chalupas with refried black beans, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, tomato, and vegan cheese.

6.50   UNO Plate- Your choice of one vegetable enchilada OR one tamale with rice, beans and salad


13.00 Raw Taco Salad- Romaine lettuce, pico-de-gallo, avocado, corn, raw sour cream, raw sunflower chorizo, micro greens and raw tortilla chips

13.00 The Two Lovers Raw Sandwich- Cashew pepper jack, avocado, lettuce tomatoes, sprouts, and homemade raw pickles on homemade raw bread. Served with a salad.

14.00 Raw Bacon Cheese Burger- An awesome rendition of a classic burger, only alive with nutrients. Classic patty made of kale, cabbage, carrots, sundried tomato, sunflower and chia seeds. Topped with cashew cheddar and coconut bacon, tomato, micro greens, chopped spring mix, and pepper jack cheese. Served with a salad.

13.00 Raw Mushroom Avocado Bacon Burger- Delicately marinated portabella mushrooms create a faux bun, stuffed with ripe avocado, coconut bacon, tomato, micro greens, chopped spring mix, and pepper jack cheese. Served with a salad.

14.00 Raw Falafel Bowl- Raw Falafel, hemp heart tabouli, chopped tomatoes, shredded carrots, raw cucumber pickles, and katamala olives. All on a bed of kale and spring mix.


12.50 The Road Trip Burger- If you enjoy fast food on the road you will be tickled by this fun, tasty and healthy burger alternative. Feast your mouth on handmade black bean and sunflower seed burger served on a gluten free bun. Topped with cashew cheddar chipotle-thousand island dressing, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, micro greens, and stone ground mustard. Includes one side order

12.50 Pepper Jack Portabella Burger- A grilled portabella mushroom topped with roasted peppers, caramelized onions with cashew pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and avocado slices on homemade gluten free bread. Includes one side order

12.50 Murphy the Zombie Slayer Burger

Grilled flatbread stuffed with cherry and pepper jam, peanut butter, black bean burger, and zucchini bacon. Includes one side order

Monster Tacos

Monster Tacos served with one side order.

9.00 Monster Quinoa and Black Bean Taco- Smokey refried black beans, quinoa, corn salsa, spring mix, and tomatoes. Add guacamole for 1.50

12.00 Monster Tamale Taco- A huge taco stuffed with two tamales, rice, beans, guacamole, spring mix, and tomatoes.

10.00 Monster Nacho Taco- Garbanzo-rizo, refried black beans, queso, crushed corn chips, quinoa, pico-de-gallo, carrot, cabbage, and avocado ranch.

9.00 Monster Avocado Taco- Fresh avocado, tomatoes, shredded carrots, onions, peppers, and cabbage.


10.00  Taco Salad- Mixed greens with corn salad, tomatoes, onions, tortilla chips, and vegan queso.

8.50  Oh-My-Not-So-Honey Quinoa Salad- Mixed Greens, Quinoa, Pecans, Cranberries, with our Fat Free Vegan Honey Mustard Dressing.

6.00   Farm Fresh House Salad- Mixed greens, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, and peppers.

9.00 Organic Tofu Egg Salad- Tofu egg salad on salad greens made with organic non GMO tofu.

10.00 The Gratitude Bowl- Perfect if you’re looking for a healthy meal that’s loaded with plant based protein. Layers of black beans, quinoa, hemp hearts, Avocado Slices, carrots, cabbage and spring mix topped with our fat free vegan honey mustard dressing.

12.50 The Beautiful Beast- Fresh spring mix topped with fresh carrots, granny smith apples, apricot, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, dried cranberries, and raisins. Served with sweet and tangy lemon vinaigrette.


Avocado Ranch, Fat Free Vegan Honey Mustard, Italian, Chipotle Thousand Island

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