Vegeria aims to feed the masses and educate the city on issues like cultural preservation through food, healthy eating, urban gardening, farm-to-table movement, and organic seasonal farming.

Our key principle is the need to preserve the food of our ancestors and the indigenous food of the land. Chef Fred Anthony Garza  believes our diet has changed, but our culture hasn't. We want to preserve our family's traditions of food, love and culture in a noble and ethical way. We want our children to know the recipes of our grandparents, and the love in which we all come from. 

Fred was inspired by his Grandmas Rosalie's (right-side picture) recipes, legacy, and love. He wants to share that with a new generation of people. "If we don't keep cooking the food of our ancestors no one will. If we want our children and  grandchildren to know what real Tex-Mex food is we must keep creating it, sharing it and serving it, and letting it evolve. We must be proud of our food and culture." 

Mini Nopales Tacos with Picked Jalapeño Cabbage
Four Savory Mini Tacos filled with Nopales sautéed onions,tomato, bell peppers, cilantro, and oregano and a touch of lime. Topped with our pickled cabbage and jalapeño coleslaw.

Spinach Huitlacoche Enchiladas
Three Creamy, savory and rich enchiladas. Sautéed garlic, onion, spinach and huitlchoche. Rolled into three soft corn tortillas topped with queso and sunflower seed cream. Comes with a choice of side and a salad.  

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What others are saying...

In our short 4 year history. Vegeria has grown in business and also been recognized for it’s success. This includes:

2016: San Antonio Magazine features Viva Vegeria in it's taco issue.
2015: Buzzfeed ranks as #1 Vegan restaurant in nation for Vegan bucketlist.
2013-2014 : USA Today nominates as one of top ten Vegan restaurants in the nation.
2013: Veg News nominates best Casual Vegan Restaurant.

2012: San Antonio Magazine votes one of top 10 new restaurants in San Antonio.
San Antonio Current - 4 time finalist for "Best of SA (San Antonio)"